Classic Christmas!

21 12 2007

Well, the Club Penguin Christmas Party started today! It has two free items, which I will talk about soon, but first, is the pin! It is in the Ski Lodge Attic and is a reef!


Music now!! Every party, I will update the site with music frrom Cp! All you have to do is click the link! For example, if we had a Summer Party, the links would be something like SUMMER PARTY. MP3. Also, the site itself will get relevant music! The links for the christmas party music are ;

Christmas Music 1 . MP3

Christmas Music 2 . MP3

Christmas Music 3 . MP3

Christmas Music 4 . MP3

I will soon post a jingle bells widget! Now, there are two free items. The first is a Santa Hat, located at the Snow Forts. It is from last year and it makes me pretty mad, because it was one of my rarest itmes. But, i’ve still got my santa beard! Anyway, the other frebie are the reinderr antlers, and they are at the dock. They look pretty cool, but I would wear the Santa Hat anyday!

reindeer-antlers.png ← Reindeer Antlers

santa-hat.png ← Santa Hat

Finally, my xmas surprise is nearly ready………..


New Stuff Part One

17 12 2007

Hello Penguins!

I haven’t posted for a while because I am working on something for everyone who visits my site! You will be able to get it on Boxing Day so make sure you are here then!


The stage has a new production, called the ‘Twelfth Fish’. I don’t think it is as good as the Space one but it isn’t bad! You can buy the costumes; Countess Steeple hat & Countess Dress, Bard Hat & Bard outfit, Jester Hat and jester outfit, Fish Costume and Yellow flippers, Ruffle collar and finally the Directors Hat.


The new pin is in the Coffee Shop and is a Holly

Coins for change

You can donate coins at the plaza and the beach, and you get a free postcard if you do! There is also a free bell in both places!

CHEAT! If you have less than 50 coins, click on donate 50 coins, and it will say you need more coins. Then click the OK and it should ask if you want the postcard!


Name Changed

12 12 2007

I have changed Spurs1996’s name to it’s penguin I.D. I will tell you what this is later, but I would like to make two points:

  • You will still be my buddy if you are my buddy now

  • And I will still be known as Spurs1996

Stay Ice cool



My Penguin name is now Penguin12296027

Dragon Play

7 12 2007

Dragon play is kinda like Club Penguin. You can make an account but you cant play it yet. They have given me some pics to show you:




These are it for now, but check out the site @

Stay ice cool


Special Cp Trainer Code!

2 12 2007

Here is the Cp trainer code for the

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Beta Penguin?!

30 11 2007

Here is a Beta Penguin Edit of me:


I also met 2 Beta Penguins today, kentept & andykohl!

Stay Ice cool

🙂 Spurs1996 🙂


Yellow Puffles!!

30 11 2007

Yellow Puffles are up for adoption! Unfortunately they are member only. I have taken a few pictures of me and my Yellow Puffle:







On me!


If you are a member, I hope you love them, because in my opinion they are the best puffle!

Stay ice cool