About Spurs1996

Spurs1996, me, is 11 years old, and lives in England. I have been playing Club Penguin since October 2006, and Blogging since 22nd February 2007. I can’t believe my blog is already one year old! Thanks to all previous authors, Tottenham18, Jammywill, Gaga7, Bolog96 and Legoless, and also thanks to Shakan. but I think mainly the credit should go to me, i’m not being big headed, but I have written 92% of the posts (i worked it out), created the blog, made sure we got enough hits, and unlike the other authors, I never left. So, a big round of appluase for me!I enjoy playing on his Wii, DS, P.C and playing Football and Basketball. His Msn for Club Penguin stuff is dabeast_spurs1996@hotmail.co.uk, and his Msn for non CP stuff is jjmacca.spurs@hotmail.co.uk. My real name is Jamie, but please either call me Spurs1996 or Jjmacca10. My other penguins include….. (Breaths In)

  • Spurs 1996
  • Jammywill
  • Tottenham18
  • 1996spurs
  • J12gm Ht21
  • Dantooine <– Banned Forever
  •  Rsnail V213
  • And Finally, Harvey123 <–Banned Forever

I usaully go on the Club Penguin servers Mammoth, Klondike, Frozen, Mittens and Belly Slide. My best buddies are T67yu Nm76, Shakan97, Idontbreak, KellyM and Fotis01. I have two pets, they’re both cats called Motsie and Murphy. My brothers penguin is called Gaga7, and my best friend’s is Tottenham18. My favourite Club  Penguin mod would have to be rsnail, cos he has a really cool name and he was the first ever (and only) cp mod I met!I used to have a rare penguin called Harvey123, but someone banned it. My penguin’s oldest item is the 1st Anniversary Hat, and it’s probably my favorite. My favorite football team is Tottenham Hotspur. If you want to be my buddy on Club Penguin just shout Dabeast! Spurs! and I will add you. My favorite colour is Green, and then blue, which I suppose is kinda why my favourite item is the 1st Anniversairy hat! My favourite music is actually nearly the same as Shakan’s! I like the eBay song and Nickleback Rockstar, but I also enjoy a song called I guess you’re right by the posies. I love football (not the one with braindead men running round in armour with a weird shaped ball tring to score touchdowns, the proper football, woth a normal shaped ball, 22 players, 2 goals, one pitch and a lot of fun!). My favourite team, which you can probabay guess, is Tottenham Hotspur. I’ve seen them play 4 times, and every time they have won! I’m really happy ‘cos they’re in the Carling Cup Final on Sunday, which I am so looking forward to! My mum and my second smallest cousin have their birthday party on that day, but me and my dad are gonna stay home and awtch the match! I used to play football, ok, soccer, alot, but now I don’t really have time, cos I have to blog and play cp and play on my wii, but every now and then i’ll get a game in. Besides  things with microchips in them, I love to read. I’ve read every Harry Potter, Alex Rider and Artemis Fowl book, and nearly every James Bond book! To sign off my posts I will always say Stay Ice Cool, a phrase which I invented myself!! Important dates:

  1. 3-8th March I’m on holiday, so i’ll leave it up to Shakan to post
  2. 29th July My birthday
  3. Mid to Late October On holiday again, so i’ll leave it up to Shakan to post

Thanks for supporting my blog!!So Umm…Stay Ice CoolSpurs1996:-) :-)This was last updated on 22st February 2008


2 responses

22 02 2008

That took me a mere 10 minutes to type 700 words, that’s 70 words a minute, 1.1 words a second, or 0.011 words a millisecond. I’m good at maths, so don’t ask!

15 03 2008

lol, I didnt really do anyting. 😎

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