About Shakan97


This page is About Me! I have alot of stuff About me! =)

My favorite animal is a kitty! =) But my mom says im not allowed a cat, then i was thinking pupy, my mom said no, i asked Any pet! she said NO! I begged and begged! No! No! No! I keep asking why! and she always says They stink up the place! i got another excuse =) I say Ill clean up after them! and, she says i wont its so annoying! I even went out to get one, i bought a puppy and kept it in my room! i had it for about a week but my mom found out! i got GROUNDED for A MONTH but that was ages ago =)

My favourite colours are Red And Green! They Rule! its like the christmas scarf! That is my favourite item but dont feel like waering it =( … Its not really that cool! But they are my favourite colours all the way!

My Favourite food is Mozzerella Pizza! Its Not anything else, Im a vegitarian! i will Have cheese and milk! =) I Turned vegitarian a day before my birthday! (26/10/07) Its easy being vegitaran, i eat quorn stuff =D So it doenst bother me 1 bit!

My sport woud have to be, SOCCER which rules! i am really good at it and i like playing matches in my school! i score exelent and crusial goals! If you see me (i doubt!) ill play you! Trust me, you dont want me to have a shot! my shots are ROCK HARD In my old school, i had a shot, somene was looking the ohter way and it HIT THE DUDES BACK! It broke his back! =( And i was banned from soccer for a year! in that year, mooved school so i was UN-BANNED! I will never shoot like that again!

My Favourite game on the internet is obviosly Clubpenguin! Its cool, toy all know, but Runescape, I used to like it, But it was SO boring, i quit =) I like blogging aswell! =)

My favourite soccer team isa english team! its Liverpool! =) I know, they rule! Not allot to talk abut but i like liverpool i made a music video on what the fans sing (you’ll never walk alone!) And Liverpool have th best player, rated 101 in both attack and defence, STEVEN GERRARD He is outstanding!

M favourte music is Ebay! by weird al! I like Ill be there for you! nickleback rockstar is cool aswell! But i listen to ebay more! I have music vids about them both! visit my youtube! (please sbscribe!)

If you wanna contact me, you can either Add my msn or send an e-mail! My e-mail is superhakan_shakan@hotmail.co.uk

My penguin name is shakan97, i was formerly known as superhakan, but i hated the name and He got ban =( But i had a cool account, key98, i know what happend, my school friends know his account, ne of my school friend swears and he ban it by swearing, he didnt even know your not allowed to swer

My real name is @!$!*£ Its a secret, only a few people know my name, My school frends call me SHAKAN its not my fault i like that name! I ididnt give myelf it, thank RTDP But never call me superhakan, call me shakan or shakan97 =)

I started blogging on the 7TH OF APRIL 2006 with my site, called www.superhakan.wordpress.com/ it had 400,000 hits, i deleted it at 7th april 2007 i had it for exactly A YEAR Then i went to www.cpcsuperhakan.wordpress.com/ And i had it scince 10th april 2007 I didnt want an of them so i Switched to this one! whic is flying with hits (i dont realy care!) And on Christmas eve, got te highest record of hits =) YAY

My Favourite all time blogger is AGUAIR He Helped me with so much, he even Helped me when i was down, he rules so much! visit his site, www.aguair.wordpress.com/ I Always find the CP News i really need, i find quite a few myself, but if im stuck, turn to THE aguair =) And hes got it! He is the awsome of awsome!

I also have a penguin called MOHD 223, mohd 222 was actuly HAPPY! Mohd 223 is my bro !: not the vil one my little one !: mohd likes him =) he see’s me and him on webcam nearly everyday =)

At school, I was having a music lesson as usual =) And We got a new music teacher! She turned out to be really cool! she likes EBAY by weird al and nickleback ROCKSTAR She asked my name an asked what music i like, i said, and she JUMPED i was like wha? And she says WOW me too! you have a cool taste in music =)

Ok, i sad moment! My brother, (not the hacker!) the OTHER one got ARRESTED! =( no! ok, if you really want me to tell you the story, here it is, I was sik and off school ,my mom had to go to work so she dropped me of at my brothers! I was on his labtop chatting away to yankateer and my sister n law (yes, his girlfriend) Was screaming! I was like, wa? then i ran out, AHH! This dude and my bro where fighting dead hard! the dude was being really nasty so i got my bro (really hard to, i got hit in the face while doing it!) away! my Nefuu (yes, my bro is a dad!) Started to cry! Then the dude went away so i went to calm my nefuu down! My bro was Bleeding! i was like wha? this madness! then the dude called the police! im nt sure what happened from then, but the police took him, this was around november 2007, he got set free around 2-3 days after! Lucky! =)

Im Really cool in real life… I read peace books and dont loose my temper. Why, my friend, Called me something, i told my other two friends, not going at the guy who called me the name ( i would if i didnt read the peace books) and i simply left it. Im really funny in real life, i dont make racist laughs though! i just make other people laugh! Last year, I had to go to my head every day! =( but now, only like, 1s every 7 months?  Im getting better…Keep it cool i keep in my head when playing soccer, always loosing tempure but not naw =) even if i loose a soccer game, im like YAY I gave it a go =) i rarely loose a game! i have probably only lost 5 games in my whole life! I am learning…

The U.S.A Shakan?

About 2 months ago, my dad said im moving to the U.S.A. I coulndt belive him. i woudnt. he was tellin the truth. I eventuly belived him and told all my school class. they didnt belive me either. im still in england but i might be moving either, next month, a year, 6 months or over a year. Permanatly moving there. Leaving england as a memmory.

Spiksta / Band

Woah! my hairs grown Q U I C K! Just, back in the day… Goodaldays. The spiksta. My real life hair WAS THE SPIKSTA! Loved it. i hate haircuts though. that is the problem. Havent had a hair cut scince october 2007. My hair is really long. I bought a hair band from the shop known as boots I had it on my password photo. I really like it looks better. You wont see me in life (you might) you wont notice me though. I ussualy play football(soccer) and  i still love it.

Gotta crush?

Yup! Not saying who! (she fancys me aswell!)  D xD


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