New Moves And Party

18 07 2007

Well, if you didn’t already know, the waddle on water party is on! You can see the water being put to good use everywhere, from a tipping bucket at the mine, to a water slide in the ski village. Here are mine and Jammywill’s best bits of the party!


Also, the free item is an umbrella hat, available in the coffee shop:


I may be the only one noticing this, but play a game of cart surfer and there are some new moves. Simply hold down the ↓ arrow for a couple of seconds, and the penguin will lift the cart up in the air and run for three seconds. If you dont believe me, check the pic:


The second move is a simple one. Simply hold the ↑ button for two seconds and your penguin will do a handstand!!!


The third move is a cart smash!! You hold SPACE and ↓ at the same time and this happens!


sorry, I knew about this move for a while: it’s not new, but I forgot to tell spurs when I did find it. JAMMYWILL.The last move is flapping. Do this by pressing SPACE and ↑. It looks like this:


Last but not least, if you have bought a fire fighter suit I have good news. Dance with the helmet and jacket on and you take out a hose and spray water. COOL!!!!


Stay ice cool,






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