New mission agent tottenham gives us the scoop

6 04 2007

Well for all you agents the new mission has arrived, sorry it’s a bit late but its on the site now. The new mission is all about the sports shops missing coins, they mysteriously dissapered, as you might of gathered from a not so old paper. No one had any idea where the coins had gone; but club penguins secret agents were on the case straight away. The mission is my personal faviouroute, as a game is included on the mission. I had lots of fun with that; but it wasn’t anything important with the mission. The mission includes: Having too turn the lights in the disco back on, finding the code to crack the safe and destroying a huge magnet (and i won’t tell you where to find it.) I’m going too give this mission a great 8/10 as it could of livened up at some perticular points; but all in all a good fun mission!

Keep arctic cool





One response

25 06 2007

well are you going to tell the cheat cause im getting how to do this mission.

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