Hey riddle diddle….

23 03 2007

Hello penguins, and welcome to my first ever riddle. Start off by using your map. The rest is up to you…..

Go into the dock,

Look at the buoy,

Count the number,

And go to the room of toys,

Look at find four,

Count all the boards,

Times it by the buoy,

And enter theroom of chords,

Count the squares on the dance floor,

Go to a ‘boiling’ room,

Count the newspapers,

And times by number of squares in the place that goes boom,

Now your there,

Add your answers together,1,2,3,

Tell me the answer,

And you’ll giggle with glee!!!!

All entry’s in by 1st may

 1st prize: 5000 pc(penguin coins)

2nd prize: 3000 pc

 3rd prize: 1000 pc





3 responses

9 05 2007

Well done!
Now email me ur password at jjmacca.spurs@hotmail.co.uk if you want to if not well done anyway!

9 05 2007

How can you give away coins anyway?

10 08 2007
secret place

why should we tell you its all a scam to mess up r accounts!!!>:) 😦

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